Moving to London?

Maybe you're moving to London for a job and wondering where to live...

Ilford is one of the cheapest parts of London to move to. It has good transport links with Ilford and Seven Kings stations on the Elizabeth Line, and Redbridge, Gants Hill, and Newbury Park on the Central Line (Red).

Of course, there are big, well-known churches in central London, who love Jesus and his word, but why not think about serving in a local church like ours? In a more local church, it’s harder to “coast” in your Christian life. You won’t just be able to hang out with people your own age, and from a similar background. You’ll have to relate to brothers and sisters who are different to you, you’ll have to serve, and the church elders will get to know you. East London is also filled with people from different religious backgrounds, who need Jesus.  

Here’s a really encouraging talk by Tim Keller called “It takes a city to raise a child”. It’s not unusual for Christians to think a city like London would be a very hard place to bring up children. After all, it is expensive, so you’ll live in a smaller house, and aged 0-9 it will be exhausting, but Keller points out, particularly from aged 10-18 it pays dividends. Your children will grow up in the “real” world, and be in church with Christian role models, not just their parents’ age, but a bit further ahead than them. They’ll know how to handle diversity well from a young age. Do listen.