Worship services

God’s feet

Here’s a description of the church I expect you’ve never thought about. In Isaiah 60:13, God calls the church “the place of my feet”. Now to understand this picture, we need to think about God’s “feet”. God uses different body parts to talk about himself in the Bible – his eyes (Psalm 34:15), ears (Psalm …

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Nails or screws?

It wouldn’t surprise me if some of you inwardly groan when we sing a Psalm in our Sunday services. The tunes aren’t always gripping, and I doubt the words resonate quickly. In his great little book, “Singing the Songs of Jesus”, Michael Lefebvre uses a brilliant illustration to explain what’s probably happening when we feel …

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Sing up!

Do you like music? Funnily, today, we’re surrounded by music; everyone’s got headphones in and their own personal playlist. But our relationship to music and singing is more likely to be as a consumer than a producer. Many of us have probably been to weddings of unbelievers, where no one sings the songs. Or we’ve …

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