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The Normal is King

A post from Chris Roberts: In the New Testament, there’s a significant word used in connection with Jesus Christ. We’re told about his ‘customs’ (ethos). The

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I need to learn I’m carrying “tinder” around inside me. I’m like a vehicle that transports chemicals, that needs a haz-chem symbol on the outside. I need a “highly flammable” sticker slapped on me. 

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What is a Christian?

Lots of people identify with the label “Christian”, but what does that label mean? Do we get to define it ourselves, or does Jesus define it?

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How To Feast

Everyone has a different attitude to Christmas, some very for, some very against, and lots in the middle. Ecclesiastes 11:17 offers a good, practical goal for the season.

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Judge not

I reckon the best-known verse in the Bible today is “Judge not”. It’s a nifty, two-word response to almost any moral criticism. Are you meant

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man and woman kissing

Communion and kissing

Where were you when you had your first kiss? Who was it with?!   There’s holy kissing in the Bible, which is a form of greeting

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Honour the king!

The last time I checked, “Honour the king” is still in our New Testaments (1 Peter 2:17). The ESV translates “king” as “emperor”, but my

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Spirit-filled singers

Here are seven short, 1-minute videos I recorded about singing. The Holy Spirit turns us into singers, and he designs our singing to do a

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