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The most revealing meeting at church

Martin Buber said: “All real meaning in life is in meeting”. What’s the most revealing meeting at church?  – Sunday morning? In almost every church I know, the best attended meeting is the Sunday morning service. That’s the “high” point, where most work is put in. That’s where we expect newcomers to show up; it’s …

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A sincere dilemma

Here’s a dilemma I have. I haven’t been able to resolve it yet. But, I think spotting the dilemma itself has some value.  It works like this:  On the one hand, I will read a passage like Titus 3. Paul says: “be gentle, and… show perfect courtesy towards all people, for we ourselves were once …

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Think Little

In 1970, the author Wendell Berry wrote an essay called “Think Little”. He argues that in order to sustain the Green Movement over the long-term, it can’t just be something we expect Big Thinkers in government to fix. It’s got to be dealt with by personal change in how we live. “For most of the …

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To really eradicate social inequality you have to eradicate the family

In 1516, the Dutch scholar Erasmus wrote a book called The Education of a Christian Prince. He wrote it for the Spanish Prince Charles, advising him about how to rule. It contains this line:  “it is not equality for everyone to have the same rewards, the same rights, the same status; indeed this often results in extreme …

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