close up shot of a person reading a bible

Bible Kennings

A kenning is a two-word phrase in Old English with a metaphorical meaning. Here are some kennings that describe the Bible. Oh that we loved and used this Book more! Christ-exalter (John 5:46; 20:31) Light-Giver (Psalm 119:105)  Soul-splitter (Heb 4:12) Devil-slasher (Matt 4:4; Eph 6:17)  Truth-Teller (John 17:17) Heart-smasher (Jer 23:29) Faith-feeder (Job 23:12) Righteousness-Trainer …

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Open Doors

Today I reckon I’ve walked through at least 50 doors. Most of us walk through lots of doors every day, usually without even thinking about it. Doors are places of transition; open doors allow movement; closed doors limit your options. The Bible uses the imagery of doors to help us get a better understanding of our situation.  …

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