Jesus Christ – his divinity

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Jesus the Baptist

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’re probably aware that we baptise the children of believers at church. That can often surprise, confuse, or even upset many Christians. How can a child be baptised when they aren’t able to understand the gospel? Isn’t the order in the New Testament “Repent” first and only then “be baptised” (Acts …

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“The moment God begets, he is not God!”

That title is a quote from the popular Muslim apologist, Zakir Naik. And on this rare occasion, I (along with all orthodox Christians) can heartily agree. God didn’t become a proud Father on Christmas Day, when Jesus was laid in a manger. He didn’t feel like me walking out of the hospital on the day …

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Did Jesus prophesy about Mohammed?

A while ago I took part in a Muslim-Christian discussion. At one point in the evening, I heard the old chestnut that Jesus prophesied the coming of Mohammed in John 14-16, when he promised to send “the Helper”. It’s a common argument that does the rounds on Muslim websites. Now, it’s an “interesting” feeling when …

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Zakir Naik

If you don’t know who Zakir Naik is, he’s the Rico Tice or Ravi Zacharias of Islam. He’s an Islamic televangelist who reaches millions across the Islamic world, through his own TV channel. He has almost 22 million followers on Facebook. Thanks to youtube, he’s in everyone’s pockets, able to provide quick ammunition for any …

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What makes a good Christmas carol?

I’m sure we could draw up a list of answers to that question, but underlying them all is one bigger answer. It’s something called: Chalcedonian Christology. You probably think, “what on earth is that?!”. I know it’s a mouthful. Don’t worry: it’s not a phrase you need to learn, but it refers to the Chalcedonian …

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Who is Jesus?

It can be good to remind ourselves why we worship Jesus Christ. A comparison of verses about the LORD in the Book of Isaiah and Jesus Christ in the Book of Revelation shows us why Jesus deserves our worship as the divine Son. These would be helpful verses to show Muslims or Jehovah’s Witnesses who …

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