I’ve just found the best teaching on singleness!

Here are 3 talks by Pastor Albert N. Martin on singleness given in 1974! I listened to these on audio cassette many times in my teen years. I’ve searched for them in the past, but only recently discovered they are available online. Though almost 50 years old, they are still some of the best material I’ve heard on the subject. 


They are biblically balanced. Al Martin relates singleness to creation, fall, and redemption, while also handling specific texts like 1 Cor 7 helpfully. He avoids “pat” answers and relates the single and married states with nuance.

They are pastorally real. He voices the pain of prolonged singleness, and doesn’t try and belittle its challenges, while applying the gospel and particularly God’s fatherly care for his children.

They are challenging. Al Martin knows how to apply God’s word with great directness. He will get you thinking, and maybe their age is part of what makes them helpful. Marriage has been so profoundly weakened that we need voices from the past to help us hear what it’s about.

01)  Basic Assumptions  (there’s quite a long intro you can skip!) 

02)  Theology of Singleness  

03)  Practical Considerations

Here’s an outline of the second talk:

i. Creation: Singleness in creation is not the divine plan or the divine norm. Had sin never entered in all probability there would have been no perpetual singleness. 

ii. Fall: The majority of the causes of perpetual singleness are direct results of the fall. 

– imbalance between available men and women, e.g. due to war. 

– selfishness that makes men unwilling for the demanding responsibilities of a wife and a family

– ugly aspects of personality which make men and women undesirable marriage partners. 

– fears of marriage because of tragic examples growing up. 

– physical disabilities and deformities that make people inept for or high risk for marriage. 

– perverted sexual appetites that indispose individuals to any serious plans for marriage. 

– perverted notions in what to look for in my Adam or my Eve. 

iii. Redemption: 

– God in redemption can alter the sinful causes of singleness. 

– God in redemption can employ singleness as a discipline of his grace. 

– God In redemption can use singleness as a special instrument in the interest of his kingdom. 

– God in redemption can make us happy, content, and fulfilled people if singleness is our ordained lot. 

Do listen to them, discuss them with others, and share them. They deserve a wide audience.