Just Do Something – A Review

There is, no doubt, a big decision you have to make in life. Where should I live? What career should I take? Who should I marry? These are indeed huge questions to ask but how do we go about knowing God’s will for our lives?

There are a million confusing methods floating around Christian circles: sensing promptings from God, reading into unusual coincidences, flicking open the Bible and pointing at verse at random to give us the answer.  The list can go on.

‘Just Do Something’ is here to address all that. It is a book about God’s will and the Bible’s teaching on decision-making.

This book very clearly helps you understand what you need to know about God’s will and how you should make decisions. Kevin DeYoung sets out to clear up common misconceptions about how Christians (and all human beings for that matter!) should make decisions. And then presents the liberating solution to your problem.

Brace yourself; this book will do 3 things to you:

  1. It will kick you out of a paralysis and fear of making the wrong the choice.
  2. It will enlighten you to what the scriptures have to say about God’s will for you life.
  3. It will equip you with the correct thinking and practical tools in how to make these big decisions.

Personally, I found this book incredibly helpful as I was making big decisions in my life. It helped me make godly choices and transformed my whole approach to God’s will.

So as you sit here reading this, perhaps you are thinking, “What is God’s will for my life?” Well, I can tell you I have the answer. Kevin DeYoung has the answer. So if you want to know: just do something. Just read this book.

Andrew Kueh