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The Glorious Equalities & Inequalities of Heaven – part 1 of 2

Earlier this year, we spent some time as a church thinking about what happens to us when we die. We thought about the final hope of Jesus’ resurrected, glorified people in the new heaven and earth. Theologians call this the ‘eternal state’.  But is this eternal state identical for every individual or is their variation …

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“Non-directive” preaching

It sounds like something straight from George Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”. But it is in fact language that the Scottish parliament’s equalities committee are using as they explore out-lawing “conversion therapy”. The committee has concluded that religious teaching and prayer about sexual identity should only be permitted if it’s conducted in a “non-directive way” (para …

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A sincere dilemma

Here’s a dilemma I have. I haven’t been able to resolve it yet. But, I think spotting the dilemma itself has some value.  It works like this:  On the one hand, I will read a passage like Titus 3. Paul says: “be gentle, and… show perfect courtesy towards all people, for we ourselves were once …

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