“The moment God begets, he is not God!”

That title is a quote from the popular Muslim apologist, Zakir Naik. And on this rare occasion, I (along with all orthodox Christians) can heartily agree. God didn’t become a proud Father on Christmas Day, when Jesus was laid in a manger. He didn’t feel like me walking out of the hospital on the day …

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran pastor during the Third Reich in Germany, who refused to swear allegiance to Hitler. The Nazis imprisoned him for 2 years, and eventually killed him, as the regime was crumbling. Though he wasn’t an evangelical, he’s got some great material in his book “Life Together”, based on training pastors underground. …

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God’s feet

Here’s a description of the church I expect you’ve never thought about. In Isaiah 60:13, God calls the church “the place of my feet”. Now to understand this picture, we need to think about God’s “feet”. God uses different body parts to talk about himself in the Bible – his eyes (Psalm 34:15), ears (Psalm …

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