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Jesus the Baptist

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’re probably aware that we baptise the children of believers at church. That can often surprise, confuse, or even upset many Christians. How can a child be baptised when they aren’t able to understand the gospel? Isn’t the order in the New Testament “Repent” first and only then “be baptised” (Acts …

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Be careful of undoing white, European theology

Lots of evangelicals are questioning the ascendance of “white, European theology”, especially its export to other parts of the world. “Stop ramming white theology down the throats of people from other cultures”. Instead, we’re told, we need to encourage “indigenous theology”; this theology will be attuned to the sensibilities of Asian and African communities, rather …

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Got rhythm?

I’m rubbish at dancing. Ask Mrs. A. I was left traumatised after being laughed at by some girls at a primary school party. Though Mrs. A loves dancing, I made sure there was none at our wedding. Apparently, I just don’t have rhythm.  Rhythm is all about timing; it’s a regular, repeated pattern, which your body is …

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Think Little

In 1970, the author Wendell Berry wrote an essay called “Think Little”. He argues that in order to sustain the Green Movement over the long-term, it can’t just be something we expect Big Thinkers in government to fix. It’s got to be dealt with by personal change in how we live. “For most of the …

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To really eradicate social inequality you have to eradicate the family

In 1516, the Dutch scholar Erasmus wrote a book called The Education of a Christian Prince. He wrote it for the Spanish Prince Charles, advising him about how to rule. It contains this line:  “it is not equality for everyone to have the same rewards, the same rights, the same status; indeed this often results in extreme …

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